Sony NA2-ES Floor Standing Speakers

The SS-NA2ES is for those seeking the finest quality sound and impeccable craftsmanship. It's a refined listening experience that brings music and movies to life.

Inside the speaker, a two-part enclosure isolates the woofer from the other drivers. This prevents vibrations from spilling over, and ensures clear, natural sound.

Each of the floor-standing speakers has 6 drivers, ranging from a 0.98 in soft-dome tweeter for the high frequencies to 2 double-drive 6.50 in woofers for deep bass. The SS-NA2ES works flawlessly with the suite of ES speakers from Sony, creating lifelike music reproduction and impactful movie soundtracks.

  • I-ARRAY™ tweeter system producing higher frequency sound across a wider field
  • Made of expertly crafted birch wood to produce excellent acoustic qualities
  • Three-way, six-drive speaker system
  • Two double drive 165mm aluminium-cone woofers

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