Dali Sub E-12F 170W 12" Subwoofer

SAVI Systems present the Dali E-12F 12" SubWoofer

The Dali  SUB E-12F subwoofer features a specially developed Dali aluminium 12” woofer, capable of moving lots of air with power, low distortion and precision. This stiff, yet lightweight woofer cone material was chosen to ensure a greater transient response than you would normally expect from a subwoofer in this category. Very much in line with DALI’s philosophy in building speakers, the ability to start and stop very quickly enables easy integration with the front speakers and helps to ensure that the E-12F has a sound that can be tuned into or integrated with a wide range of speakers - no one note box waffle from this sub.

Designed to be a closed cone you will find no dust cap. Instead it is an integrated part of the cone itself. This is also a contributing factor in ensuring a piston-like behaviour which in turn is part of the recipe for ensuring lower distortion bass that hits that little bit harder and faster. Consequently distortion is kept to an absolute minimum – especially in the low frequency area which is where the subwoofer operates. Being a 12" driver and a larger physical size than the model down ensures that the E-12F is equally at home with either the latest movie soundtrack or with music listening.
All in all, the heavy-duty abilities of this “motor system” ensure that the woofer always follows the signal from the in-built class D amplifier.

The amplifier within this subwoofer is a 170W RMS Class D amplifier with a highly linear response. This amplifier is matched very carefully with the woofer driver to ensure plenty of power is there when it's needed to control the deep bass that this subwoofer is capable of. Embracing a classic DALI trademark, it simply acts as a total low frequency extension of your AV system. The result is a powerful, punchy yet deep and well balanced bass reproduction and flawless integration with most speakers. In addition, the integrated limiter helps protecting your subwoofer against overloading or clipping to ensure many years of distortion free operation..
The back plate of SUB E-12 F features controls for volume adjustment, phase, and upper cut-off frequency, while the power on/off function works automatically via signal detection. And with the options for LFE or LINE inputs, this subwoofer easily accompanies any AV set up. 
SUB E-12 F is elevated from the floor by cone shaped rubber feet giving the illusion that the subwoofer is floating on air, the elegant aluminium base decouples the subwoofer from the floor and allows you to integrate the subwoofer seamlessly into the room., while a down-firing bass port allows positioning very close to the wall.
The Dali E-12F is suited to most modern speakers, and has been developed to accurately enhance the lower end reproduction of the Dali Zensor or Opticon speaker ranges for either a fuller sound for stereo, or of course for integration into a home theatre or multi channel surround sound system.

Being a 12" driver the Dali E-12F will easily fill a medium to large sized room as it moves a lot more air than the model down - this is the kind of bass you can feel.

SAVI Systems are one of Perth's Premium Authorised Dali Speaker Dealers

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