The SAVI BIG SCREEN THX 4K ATMOS CINEMA pack delivers the Latest THX 4K Cinema picture coupled with 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Surround Sound

Here at SAVI Systems we understand the BIG SCREEN CINEMA experience better than most. There is something great about the family having a night in and watching movies in the comfort of your own home... it's even better on a massive 120" cinema sized screen.
To make the most of the massive screen size, and indeed to help keep you up to speed with the latest technology available, this pack includes a 4K THX certified projector that is capable of delivering life-like cinema quality picture in the comfort of your own home. To accompany the cutting edge 4K THX UHD projection technology, we have put together a high quality surround sound audio system that is capable of bringing the latest and greatest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound formats into your lounge room. These new surround sound formats utilise object based audio and require extra height speakers (usually as in ceiling speakers). These new surround sound formats will be used by Hollywood from now on on all the blockbuster movies as they bring the most realistic surround sound experience available.  Make no mistake - this package looks and sounds better than most commercial Cinemas.

SAVi Systems Perth - THX 4K Atmos Home Theatre Lifestyle shot

 This home theatre system comprises of some of the most trusted and awarded brands from around the globe. The BenQ W11000 is a breakthrough product by the world's biggest manufacturer of DLP projectors. It is the first 4K projector to get the THX seal of approval meaning that the picture quality is stunning.  We have coupled this to a 120" screen, however, other screen sizes are available. For the A/V receiver we have chosen a high tech, high value model - the Yamaha RXV581. The Yamaha supports 4K, Dolby Atmos and also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth... oh and it also has a What HiFi 5 star award for sound quality. To deliver the big cinema sound the Q series from UK brand KEF rounds out this package. For front speakers you have the multi award winning KEF Q900 speakers matched to the KEF Q200c centre, the KEF Q400b sub-woofer the KEF Q800DS surrounds and a pair of KEF Ci160CR in-ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos.


What is included in the package :
1pr  KEF Q900 front tower speakers
1pr  KEF Q800DS surround speakers
1     KEF Q200c centre
1     KEF Q400b sub-woofer
1pr  KEF Ci160CR in-ceiling flush mount speakers
1     Yamaha RXV581 4K Atmos Surround Sound Receiver
1     BenQ W11000 THX 4K Award winning Projector

1      Dinon 120" fixed frame cinema widescreen

** Some items in these packs are only available in limited quantities, so be quick **


 we will include a bonus 100m roll of OFC speaker cable and the matching BenQ Ceiling Projector Mount - this bonus is worth well over $400


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