The BIG SCREEN CINEMA POWERHOUSE delivers a stunning Big 120" Screen coupled to a Powerful Home Theatre Experience

Here at SAVI Systems we understand the BIG SCREEN CINEMA experience better than most. There is something great about the family having a night in and watching movies in the comfort of your own home... it's even better on a massive 120" cinema sized screen.  Traditionally Home Theatre has been an expensive proposition, but like all recent technology, the price of award winning, quality electronics has become but a fraction of what it used to be.

Comprising of the Sound+Image 2017 award winning BenQ W1090 home cinema projector and a massive 120" fixed frame cinema widescreen... the picture you experience at home is going to be HUGE, bold and punchy. So whether it is watching your favourite sports or staying in for a movie night - you and your family will feel like you're smack dab in the middle of the action.

SAVI Systems Perth - Home Theatre Pic

What is the point of a massive screen unless you have decent surround sound to complete the total home theater system experience?

A Massive part of the Home Theater experience is the rush of a decent surround sound system. Once you have experienced a massive 120" screen you'll find that a sound bar just doesn't cut it for keeping the sound quality in line with the big picture. With this in mind, SAVI Systems have teamed up with renowned  American speaker brand : Definitive Technology. Definitive technology utilise several technologies in the BP series of speakers that makes them more effective at filling up a standard room than most other brands. The BP series of tower speakers make use of a BiPolar array for the front and rear speakers, giving a wider spread of sound that fills the room up with a full, low distortion soundstage. Each of the front tower Definitive Technology BP9020 speakers also incorporate an internal hidden powered / active 8" Sub-woofer to deliver room shaking bass without the need for separate ugly sub-woofer boxes... just two slim front speakers are required instead of two sub-woofer boxes and two tower fronts - cutting down on two speaker boxes of room clutter is certainly welcome in most installations. Each of the slim BP9020 tower speakers uses not only a normal speaker connection back to the surround receiver, but also needs power as well to fire up the internal 150W Sub-woofers.  Matched to the fronts is the Definitive Technology CS9040HD centre speaker - incorporating an 8" bass radiator this centre speaker sounds great - even in the heavy action scenes of the latest Hollywood blockbusters it keeps up, producing exceptionally clear dialogue even in the thick of it all. The rear speakers to match in this system are also BiPolar, thus giving a much bigger spread of the surround sound so that your movie experience really comes to life wiht a mount on the wall design - thanks to the Definitive Technology SR9040 rear / surround speakers this system not only sounds full and powerful, but also looks neat and clean.

* This system is able to expanded to Dolby Atmos 5.1.2by adding the Definitive Technology Atmos Add-On Module : Definitive Technology A90S Atmos Modules

What is included in the package :
1pr Definitive Technology BP9020  Front Tower Speakers
1pr Definitive Technology SR9040 rear speakers
1     Definitive Technology CS9040HD centre speaker
2     150W 8" Sub-Woofers (incorporated within the BP9020 front tower speakers)
1      YAMAHA RXAV581 A/V Receiver (What HiFi 5 star award winner)
1      BenQ W1090 home cinema projector (Sound+Image 2017 award winner)

1      Dinon 120" fixed frame cinema widescreen

** Some items in these packs are only available in limited quantities, so be quick **


 we will include a bonus 50m roll of OFC speaker cable and a ceiling mount for the projector - this bonus is worth well over $200

SAVI Systems Perth - BIG SCREEN CINEMA POWERHOUSE 120- best value home theater system on sale with bonus

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