Torus Power TOT MINI - Compact 3 Outlet Toroidal Power Isolation

SAVI Systems present the Torus Power TOT MINI Toroidal Isolation Power Transformer

Torus Power toroidal isolation power transformers are at the forefront of both protecting and also improving the performance and longevity of your AV or Hi-Fi equipment.
Torus Power toroidal isolation transformers are engineered and manufactured by Plitron - the world's leader in toroidal technology. The idea behind a transformer based soluton is to electrically isolate connected equipment from the incoming common mains power. Torus Power equipment features triple shielding for ultimate power noise attenuation and isolation from the noisy and polluted mains power source. LONO (Low Noise) technology eliminates audible noise in the Torus Power transformer regardless of power line conditions (including DC offset and over-voltage). Torus power meets the NC10 acoustic noise standard ensuring it is suitable for use in the quietest environments including home Hi-Fi or Professional recording studio control rooms.

Using Plitron's NBT (Narrow Bandwidth technology) the MINI TOT restores power to its original clean state without all the mains borne noise. Torus Power design carefully balances the inherent inductance, capacitance and resistance characteristics of the transformer to enable the transformer itself to act as a very effective low-pass filter for noise in the power signal that is above 2khz. By balancing the electronic characteristics of the toroidal transformer it means that NBT technology requires no external filters such as capacitors and other components that can fail over time. Torus Power attenuates both Differential Mode (L-N) and Common Mode (G-N) noise to ensure clean voltage output without the peak to peak voltage swings that inevitably occur and adversely effect all Audio Visual and Hi-Fi equipment that is connected to it. 

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The MINI TOT also includes the High Instantaneous Current Capability that so many power filtering products fail to be able to do. Torus Power provides very low source impedance to connected devices which helps enable high current delivery on an instantaneous basis ensuring connected components get power instantly as required. For example, a typical 200W audio amplifier demands 10Amps RMS from a 120V source but may demand up to 50A instantaneous peaks - standard residential and commercial wiring and wall plates will restrict the instantaneous current. A 15A or 20A Torus Power toroidal isolation transformer can deliver 300-400A peaks when the system demands it allowing power amplifiers especially to deliver maximum performance and dynamics without current limiting due to electric wiring. The High Instantaneous Current Capability provides the expanded dynamic range experienced when using Torus Power.

The Torus Power TOT MINI is engineered to support up to a constant 3A current draw across the 3 fully filtered / protected outlets. In Australia with a 240V AC, this is a combined current draw of approximately 700W .

SAVI Systems are one of Australia's Authorised Torus Power Dealers

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