Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Absorption Panels (8 panels per box)

SAVI Systems present the Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Award Winning Absorption Panels

The award winning high performance Cinema Round Premium panels provide a flexible and elegant solution for sound absorption control across a wide range of applications. They are often used either at home or in a commercial situation. Combining modern design and a wide choice of colours these absorption panels will look great in nearly any space.

 The Vicoustic Cinema Round panels have been engineered with maximum acoustic efficiency in mind, and as such these fabric-covered Premium panels are commonly used to control sound reflections and excess reverberation. Cinema Round performs mainly on medium and high frequencies and so consequently when used in a commercial application they are a great way to help absorb and control the general noisy din and echo that is so distracting in a busy cafe, bar or restaurant. The Cinema Round Premiums are also a great solution to improving room acoustics in Hi-Fi or Home Theatre applications.

 When positioned a few centimetres from the surface of the wall, the panel can also be highly efficient in the treatment of medium frequencies and the improvement of low ones for audio applications helping you maximize the performance of your listening space.

  • Efficient absorption
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent value for money
  • Choice of Colours
  • 8 Panels per box
  • Fire Class European (EN): Euroclass F
  • Dimensions per panel 600x600x52mm 

SAVI Systems Perth - Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Sound Absorption Install 1SAVI Systems Perth - Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Sound Absorption Install 2

SAVI Systems Perth - Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Absorption Curve Graph

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