Vicoustic Flexi POL Square Design Absorption Panel (10 Panels per box)

SAVI Systems present the Vicoustic Flexi POL Square Sound Absorption Panels

Flexi POL A50 panels have a special polyurethane colored surface which is not only durable, but also offers a range of creative designer colour options. Like most Vicoustic solutions, these panels look great as well as being engineered to perform.

With its revolutionary design, Vicoustic's Flexi Panel is a very effective sound absorption solution when applied to any type of space. A scientific combination of material, absorption surface and cavity thickness means, that the panel's absorption performance is extremely efficient in the treatment and absorption of first reflections and general busy room din.

Flexi Pol A50 offers a great performance on medium and high frequencies such as the echo in a larger empty room or the general echo and hubbub of a crowd of people in a bare, echoey space.

Commonly applied in particularly demanding rooms such as recording or broadcast studios, this panel provides one of the best acoustic solutions on the market, at a most attractive price.

Keep in mind that there is also one very special feature: When these panels are placed in a sequence, the panel junctions become undetectable, allowing you to hide and feed cables in the cavities.


  • Innovative design
  • High acoustic performance
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile and unique Vicoustic technology
  • 10 Panels per box
  • Fire Class European (EN): Euroclass F
  • Dimensions per panel 600x600x52 

    SAVI Systems Perth - Vicoustic Flexi POL Square Sound Absorption Install 1SAVI Systems Perth - Vicoustic Flexi POL Square Sound Absorption Install 2 


    SAVI Systems Perth - Vicoustic Flexi POL Square Premium Absorption Curve Graph

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