Samsung M5 Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker (Black)

The Samsung WAM550 ZA Shape Speaker offers a new and exciting way to listen to, share and experience music. With this expandable system, your favorite tunes can follow you anywhere in your home, business or office. Play one song in a single room or all the rooms or have different songs sounding in different rooms from any number of speakers. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity lets you send music from your library or favorite app straight to your AC-powered speaker so that your music is right at your fingertips. The Shape wireless speaker has a control volume so you can set your preferred sound level at all times. It also allows you to easily use streaming services and playlists or switch to a speaker in a different room. However you enjoy your music, Samsung Shape spear makes it happen. It is wall-mountable for convenience and takes your listening to a whole new level. The speaker uses Dual-band WiFi, Dolby Digital and DTS audio to produce clear, crisp sounds.

Send your music directly from your Bluetooth® enabled smartphone, tablet, computer or Samsung TV to your wireless multiroom speaker. You can even simply tap to connect with your NFC enabled devices to establish an instant wireless connection

The easy to use app lets you access and play your music all in one place. Listen to your music library, the millions of songs from internet radio or the music streaming services you subscribe to.

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