System Recovery

System Recovery

We are on hand for when things go wrong, so whether you have a DIY project that has become more than you can handle or an installer has let you down, we are willing to take on the project and make sure you end up with a property that does everything you envisaged.

Identifying what needs to be done

We provide initial consultation and site inspection free of charge to allow us to fully understand the project and identify the issues involved. From this, we can provide an accurate timeline and summary of costs for the work needed to complete the project to the correct specification.

Design adaptation

There may be times when a project needs to be redesigned, either fully or in part, in order to meet the original expectations of the client.

In this scenario, our specialist design team will work to adapt existing plans or draw up a new set of designs that both offers the levels of functionality you desire and can be implemented without disrupting the look and feel of the property.

Troubleshooting and replacements

Our expert engineers will, if necessary, re-run cables and fix any already-installed systems that have proven faulty.

Where this is not possible, SAVI Systems can suggest wired or wireless replacements that offer a similar or superior level of functionality.

Continued support

Following the successful completion of a project, our client care team remains on hand to perform regular maintenance checks and deal with any issues that may arise. To find out more, please contact us.