SAVI Systems brings you a new generation of home safety and security. Always connected to the alarm and with advanced remote and automation possibilities, SAVI Systems provides the smartest way to protect your home from burglary, fire, flood, gas and other unwanted events.


Project Management

As a leading system integrator, SAVI Systems specialise in the delivery and maintenance of intelligent audio-visual solutions. Whether installing a smart integrated home, a single projector unit, a control centre or fully immersive video conferencing solution, we always adhere to the same strict project management methodology - from design and installation right through to commissioning and client handover.


System Recovery

We are on hand for when things go wrong, so whether you have a DIY project that has become more than you can handle or an installer has let you down, we are willing to take on the project and make sure you end up with a property that does everything you envisaged.


Home Automation

SAVI Systems is the complete control and integration specialist. You can control your home from anywhere, automate all devices, see what is going on when you are away, and get instant alerts in case of any security or safety issue.


Audio Visual

SAVI Systems tailor the approach required for each project to the needs of the Client.  Home theatre, outdoor cinemas, wireless music, garden audio systems, media rooms or just a cosy TV room are all crafted with the same care and attention to detail.